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Every year, between January and June - we recruit hundreds of temporary staff for seasonal positions at our summer schools in the UK and the USA. If you're a qualified TEFL teacher, activity leader, specialist sports/dance instructor, or have experience of centre administration, then we are interested to hear from you.

In fact, we operate two summer school brands: Embassy Summer and Embassy Academy (formerly MW Summer Schools).

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Embassy Summer schools logo

Operates in the UK, USA, Canada* and Australia*
Presently over 30 locations - some city, seaside/beach and a few rural
Offers a programme of English language tuition with set activities and choice of excursions
Has a wide age range, usually from 8 to 17 (each school varies)

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Operates in the UK and the USA
Offers students a programme of English language tuition (in the morning) with a choice of professionally tutored courses in the afternoon (a mix of sports, arts and academic courses on offer)  and set weekend excursions
Has a lower age range (than Embassy Summer) usually 8 - 17

Main Website:

Jobs page: (via Embassy Summer)

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* Note - our summer schools in Canada and Australia take place at our year-round centres and don't typically employ seasonal staff.